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EL PE Engineers Established in 1997 offers a team of highly experienced engineering specialists who provide solutions for electrical apparatus condition assessment of high-voltage substation and generator plants including motor, rotating plant, switchgear, transformer, HV series capacitor, cable, and network equipment taking place in the fields of energy production, transmission, distribution, and in the industry.

EL PE Engineers also exclusively distributes agreement with US based IntelliSAW. IntelliSAW, a leading provider of next generation wireless sensor systems for smart grid applications.

IntelliSAW”s proprietary solution is wireless and does not require any power to the sensors, affording ease of installation and system commissioning while avoiding introducing any arcing or flashover concerns.

ELPE Engineers also has distribution agreements with polish based SONEL S.A. a leading manufacturer of high-quality measuring instruments for power generation and telecommunications sectors.

The meters are used to measure:

  • Fault loop resistance and impedance
  • Insulation resistance
  • Earth resistance and soil resistivity
  • Residual current protections
  • Current
  • Voltage

Vision & Mission

EL PE”s local presence in the region ensures fast response to customer needs for apparatus condition assessment as well as critical support, increasing the reliability of electric power.

EL PE provides to companies, the identification of potential weaknesses in existing equipment, as well as associated financial risks, and strategies to protect those assets and minimize unplanned outages.